Winnipeg Thunder Capsule | June 17 Release

The five year anniversary party continues.

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the former ownership group of the beloved, but short tenured, Winnipeg Thunder.

Growing up the Winnipeg Thunder logo was one of my favourites. Hours were spent under the dim light of the desk lamp trying to emulated the logo of the white polar bear grappling the global basketball. I would spend hours trying to replicate the lines of that logo as they appeared on this heather grey tee that my parents gave me during the first season of the franchise.

To be able to rekindle the childhood feels with the Winnipeg Thunder has been a really fun project. The collection of hats and tees releases June 17th in-store and online at 10am CST.

Releasing as part of the collection will be black and grey Thunder tees printed on our 100% Canadian manfu
The 100% Canadian manufactured Thunder tees come in Black and Grey and retail at $38.