Vikings | Animal Kingdom EP Release

They’re back.

“Burning Man is about a person’s journey to find themselves in the midst of free expression and chaos. Although it’s not necessarily connected to the infamous Nevada festival, it does exist in a parallel universe of sorts. It is a study on self-exploration and at its core it’s about those chance meetings, those explainable connections that can shape you; allow you to feel more. It’s a love song for all the people looking for deeper meaning in their lives.”

“This is the primary theme throughout the four songs on Animal Kingdom. It’s individual stories that all take place in different extremes of life. A barren wasteland, a tropical jungle or the eye of a storm in an urban landscape. It’s about finding connections with other people when you least expect it and navigating those experiences at that exact moment in time.”

Winnipeg’s Vikings through down tomorrow night at the Good Will to celebrate their Animal Kingdom EP release.