The Guide | Giving Your Boat the Perfect Name

Because there is no better way to personalize your fibreglass boat than to name it – or rename it (superstitions wound suggest the latter is a bad idea. Don’t say you weren’t warned).

Many of us treat our boats (or our parents boats) better than our daily drivers. We have strong feelings for our boats. I mean they do take a lot of work and money to maintain and in exchange give us some pretty good memories and stories for at least 3 months of the year here in the North. So giving it a name seems only right.

So what makes for a good name for the family fiberglass yacht and how do we go about the naming process? Frankly I have no idea but here’s a stab at it.

The name you select will reflect to others a bit about yourself so keep that in mind. It will question your intellect (or lack thereof) and your word play (or lack thereof) and your sense of humour. And if you are the captain of said boat be prepared to be called that special name you pick out.

For a starting point The Frugal Mariner suggests researching some Greek and Roman Gods. For instance, Boreas – North Wind; Zephyr – West Wind; Notus – South Wind; Eurus – East Wind. All Greek gods. And I am sure for some of you these are perfect. But I prefer cracking a smile when I board my boat.

Things to Keep In Mind

1. Be original. Be memorable.

2. Can you spell it? Yes. Great.

3. Keep in mind that someday you may be calling in a Mayday while your boat is sinking, on fire and being attacked by pirates.

“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is the Whispering Eye”. You better believe no one is coming to your aid.

4. Though you may be inclined to go with “Drunk Again”, “Party Hardy or “One Lad Round” keep in mind you are just begging to be boarded by the local conservation officer or Coast Guard, Clint. And Clint doesn’t like rowdy behaviour, excess speed, those bumping 8″ Rockford Fosgate’s or alcohol.

5. Don’t do it under the influence.

We compiled a couple potential names and some we suggest steering clear of. But what would we know.

Names that suck:

1. Sea Weedy Pie
2. Ship for Brains
3. Billy Boat Gruff
4. Ecstasea
5. Taiwan On
6. The Codfather
7. Full of Seamen
8. Nauti Dreams
9. Deep Ship
10. Master Baiter

Name that don’t suck:

1. A Loan Again
2. A Knotty Buoy
3. Afternoon Delight
4. A Boat Time
5. Seas the Day
6. Jason Boatman
7. Yeah Buoy
8. Usain Boat
9. Pier Pressure
10. B’Yacht’ch

Paint that name, order that custom decal, christen her and break wake.