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5 things people don’t likely know about me….

I was raised in a basketball household and been a fan of the game forever.
I’m a proud father of 2 boys and have my first born’s birthday tattooed on my knuckles.
I grew up in Transcona.
I haven’t travelled much but hope to change that cause I’d really like to explore more of Canada.

5 thing things I don’t leave home without….

iPhone 6

5 favourite spots in Winnipeg (food/shops/anything about Winnipeg)…

Places to shoot: Arlington Bridge.
Places to eat: Mitzi’s, Half Moon.
Place to hoop: Duckworth Centre.
Place to get inspired: 255.


My first camera…

Growing up my Dad hooked my brother and I up with some little film cameras to mess with, so that was my first. In 2009 I got an open box Canon Rebel XSI. Retired it this year after upgrading. Definitely served me well, that was the camera that got me hooked.

Favourite photographer…

Taha Muharuma (tahaphoto.com, @tahaphoto). Came across his work on Instagram a couple years back and really enjoy his street photography. He captures the energy and essence of his city (Toronto) so well. I feel like he’s got a body of work his city can be proud of. It definitely inspires me to make sure I represent Winnipeg the right way.


Lunch with someone dead or alive…

My Papa, (also) Robert Tibbs. He passed when I was in grade 3. I’m told we have a similar personality and sense of humour. It would be cool to hang with him now that I’m older. I remember him having me laughing. He used to shoot too. I was given his Canon AT-1 a few years ago. Been meaning to get it cleaned up and running and start shooting some film.

The last article of clothing I purchased…

Some Nike jogger sweats since winters coming up. Pairing them up with my Maroons Rd photo hood I got last year to stay warm. That’s my favourite article of clothing. Every time I leave the house in that hood someone always compliments me on it or has a story about the arena to tell. The Winnipeg Arena reminds me of going to a Raptors vs Grizzlies preseason game in their expansion season. My Dad took my brother and I to the “Naismith Cup”. They replay it on NBAtv sometimes and it’s cool to see the old arena in the present day.


If I had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of time they would be…

Tough. For the everyday? Jordan IIIs. Cements in the black or white OG colour way. Can’t go wrong with a pair of dunk lows or cortez either.

Best words of advice I ever received…

“Don’t reach for the low hanging fruit.”

After completing this interview I am off to…

Put my sons to bed.

Find me here….

robtibbs.com and on Instagram: @robtibbs

Final thoughts…

Thanks for checking out my Take 10! Appreciate the opportunity to be featured by Oak and Oar and everything they do for Winnipeg’s artistic community. Feel free to check out more of my photography on my website and Instagram. Shouts out to my wife Megan and everyone else who support what I do.

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