Road Trip Playlist | The Lytics

The Lytics just dropped the follow up to their sophomore record ‘They Told Me’ today and it’s fire. It’s like that time your sister left her curling iron on and you touched it with your wide open palm or that time you lathered that hot sauce on your Burrito Del Rio, so saturated, that your mouth is still trying to forgive you. So many times, when a group keeps you waiting for a follow up, you are sadly disappointed. That was definitely not the case listening to this EP from the hometown squad. ‘Hold On’ was worth the wait and consequentially worth every penny.

I would never consider myself a music critic by any means. But, what I do know, is I love the direction of this latest project (I am the guy who still cracks ‘Toot Your Own Horn’ in the TL weekly). I guess that is what happens when you spend some time, working on project for an extended period or give your project some breathing room between releases. Your sound is forced to evolve with age, life experience and growth and I think that is a directly reflected on this 5 track compilation.

Playing it on repeat today in the office I would be inclined to offer up 5 out of 5 BoomShakaLaka’s cause the boys are heating up and this EP is definitely sweet as mamma’s milk.

Follow, listen and cop before it’s too late. ‘Hold On’ is available on iTunes.

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