Road Trip Playlist | Del Barber & The No Regretzkys


Our good friend, Del Barber, alongside his appropriately named bandmates released their much anticipated album The Puck Drops Here. The only thing better than the album art for this thing is the 14 track hockey-themed offering that pays homage to some of the greatest hockey jingles of our generation. It is hard not to be taken back to memories of early morning fog covered rural rinks with gems like Stompin’ Tom Connors’ “The Hockey Song” and our favourite – Tom Cochrane’s “Big League”. The album is a brilliant tribute to some of the greatest songs inspired by the great Canadian pastime.

“I had this idea to do hockey songs but thought it a long shot, I went to legal and my label (True North Records,) and they said, ‘brilliant idea, here is a bag of money go make it.’ I about fainted but I was tickled and that’s how The Puck Drops Here came to be”.

You can stream the album on Spotify. But once you do you should make sure you never lose this roster of gems and purchase the album on iTunes or Amazon.

Keep an eye out for dates.

1. The Hockey Theme
2. Big League
3. Lights Go Out
4. Sawchuk
5. Clear The Track, Here Comes Shack
6. Flame of Victory (Coach’s Corner Theme)
7. The Hockey Song
8. Hudson Bay Rules
9. A Game Goin’ On
10. Mon Chandail de Hockey
11. The Hey Song aka Rock And Roll (Part 2)
12. Gretzky Rocks
13. Hockey Night Tonight
14. The Hockey Theme (Overtime)

(PC Will & Jen Bergmann )