Oak + Oar Social Club | Fools + Horses

Last night we hosted the 1st instalment of the Oak + Oar Social Club at Fools + Horses here in Winnipeg. Thanks to all the staff for staying late and helping to make last night a big success.

The event itself was an effort to gather some of Winnipeg’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs and creatives and an excuse for me to finally meet some of the people who are putting on for the city. It was great to have such a diverse group of people and talents both in age and ventures. I guess this is what ambition looks like. (Sorry to those we missed with the photo).


We hope to make this an on-going evening so if you are interested in possibly attending please follow us on Instagram or FB.

A big thanks to Lauren and the group at Fools + Horses for hosting as the event and for their patiences as it went on a little later than planned. And thanks to everyone who came out.