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Against the Current

By the lake is a place simple and serene. But underneath the seemingly still water lies a strong current—one that can lead people astray.

And much like this sweeping force of nature, people are easily carried away by the pressure of every day life. Exposed to a myriad of decisions and directions, it is often overwhelming to determine the right way to steer the ship.

Oak + Oar draws its inspirations from being at the cabin by the calm lake waters. Hailing from the little city of Winnipeg, the brand takes after its simplicity and resiliency, especially against the cold winters and into the warm summers. These are the anchors to our ethics, values and design.

Oak + Oar creates products that allow people to overcome the elements. Comfort is direct derivative of design and quality hence the emphasis to produce offerings that are “Made in Canada.” It is of utmost importance that we deliver goods that is put together with great care and that labour is paid a fair wage and is given a safe place to work.

Oak + Oar seeks to instill a weekend-mindset for the rest of all days. The brand is an expression of a kind of lifestyle that people ought to live by on the daily. It refuses to conform to present trends or ride other waves. Instead, it seeks to equip individuals with supplies that simple and practical to propel them to their destination.

Daniel Basanes

PC @andrewmahon