From Here & Away


A few month back Winnipeg photographer Joseph Visser launched an online Instagram community based around the ideals and themes of his last summer’s photobook entitled ‘From Here & Away’.


“From Here and Away is rooted in the belief that images and stories should be shared and celebrated. It is a platform for communicating your creativity and passion, giving you the opportunity to reach and expand the world views of a caring and like-minded community. It is artists supporting artists, creativity driving creativity. From Here and Away exists to inspire exploration and travel, foster artistic growth, and facilitate a global conversation about our complex and diverse world.”

As a further extension of this Instagram based project Visser launched the From Here and Away website as a complimentary component to further grow this online community updating it daily with Instagram posts from the community members and weekly with artist features who embody the ideals of the community. Features have included Laura Sophie from Switzerland, Brayden Elliot from Saskatoon, Canada, Jean Polfu from the Northwest Territories, Canada,