255 Vaughan | The #orangebench Project


We are excited to be hosting the #orangebench project at our pop-up shop at 255 Vaughan St this week.

For those unfamiliar with the social media project, the bench is the brainchild of Braden Funk, Brooks Keen and Kevin Neufeld, three architecture students from the University of Manitoba. The three grew up in rural Manitoba and are using the idea of a bench to explore the city and draw people to the cultural destinations in the city as well as local business in and around Winnipeg. The initial idea for the bench was a complimentary addition to their submission for the annual warming huts competition for the Forks River Trail but after some restructuring of the requirements they were forced to re-imagine the #orangebench concept.

So far the bench has made pit stops at Tiny Feast, Thom Bargen, Third + Bird, Bronuts and G is for Glasses amongst a few others.

The goal is for #orangebench to engage people at these local spots here in Winnipeg and for people to share their #orangebench spottings and experiences through social media and instagram.

“Our goal is to select sites that are unique to Winnipeg, providing a distinct and noteworthy experience which can’t be found in any other city than Winnipeg itself,” the creators said about how they pick their locations.

“Our intention was for #orangebench to act as a social media tool to engage the community with the culture of Winnipeg,” the #orangebench crew said.

We are excited to get in on the action. Come in and snap and share a picture of the bench and space until Tuesday December 15th.

Follow their antics and journey here @orangebench.

(via. MyToba)